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Kinetic Concealment : The Most Comfortable Hybrid Holster on the Market

The Kinetic Concealment patent pending system utilizes a special nylon-backed neoprene substrate. The neoprene is bonded to the body side of the leather, then the edges are precisely stitched using standard leather stitching techniques. This added feature gives complete comfort even when the holster is being worn without an undershirt directly on the skin. If the holster is worn with an undershirt, the neoprene slides smoothly along any common undershirt fabric such as cotton or polyester allowing for a better range of motion as the body moves.

Premium Construction:

Kinetic Concealment uses the finest of top-quality materials all made in the USA. The foundation of our holsters is made of an 8 ounce top-grade drum dyed leather, then it is kinetically bonded with our nylon-neoprene backing. Our shells are .093” thick Kydex and are vacuum formed for a tight and snug click fit. You can rest assured that your Kinetic Concealment holster will give you a lifetime of comfort and solid performance.

You Choose the Cant Position:

Kinetic Concealment holsters offer cant positions not only by adjusting the belt clips, but also by adjusting the Kydex shell. We include an additional high-ride hole location and a low-ride hole location. All of belt clips and shells are attached using alan wrench head screws for easy tightening and/or repositioning of the Kydex shells and belt clips.

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